Moon Ritual Magick Set

Moon Ritual Magick Kit

The Sun is considered the great restorative of health and vitality. Solar rituals are for those who desire to enhance their personal power, wellness, success, self-confidence, courage, authority, fame, and self-knowledge. By sharing intimate space with the Sun in ritual, you are inviting a deeply loving relationship to form with the source of all light, who nourishes all of life.

Limited Edition

There are only 5 available Solar Ritual Magick Sets

Included in this set are…

  • A 1 oz. bottle of hand-crafted herbal ritual oil
  • A pouch of Herb infused dead sea bath salt
  • A handmade Mugwort, Lavender and Sage cleansing stick
  • An “Ode to the Sun” fine art altar print
  • A Wooden easel
  • A hand rolled beeswax spell candle
  • Two Selenite wands
  • Illustrated instructional cards
  • A high quality magnet flip-top box


Solar Infused Herbal Oil brings pure bliss and new beginnings, lifting the spirits like liquid sunshine. This organic cold-pressed Avocado Oil is infused with fresh St. Johns Wort and Arnica flowers harvested on summer solstice when the sun is at its peak in the sky. A few drops of certified organic Frankincense is added before bottling on a SUN-day to amp up the potency.

The Dead Sea Bath Salts are infused with dried Calendula flower petals and intention to bring all the qualities of the Sun to your solar ritual.

The handmade Mugwort, lavender, and Sage Cleansing Stick was made lovingly with herbs grown on Frux Farm in Oregon. They’re beautiful aromas and properties combine to banish all negativity from your space before you drop into ritual.

“The Ode to the Sun” Fine Art Print is a richly symbolic visual talisman. By displaying it with the easel on your altar, it acts as both an offering and an invocation of the Sun. The path to our soul’s purpose is winding and not always smooth, and through the seasons of our lives, the Sun reminds us of the timeless proverb “Wherever you go, there you are”.

Selenite Wands and Hand-rolled Beeswax Candles are both wonderful tools for energizing, clarifying, and for protecting your space and self from undesired energy. 

A Set of Illustrated Instructional Cards is included to guide you in working with the Sun. These include correspondences, suggestions of intentions for spell work, a ritual card that leads you through working with each element of the box, and an original Hymn to the Sun designed to invoke the energy. Each instructional card includes whimsical illustrations by Annasbreath, including herbal allies, stones and crystals, and a mandala unique to each planet.

Each Planetary Ritual Magick set carries a profound intimate and hand-made quality. This divine collaboration between Stolas Botanicals and Annasbreath is fully felt in each aspect of this experiential ritual set. 


Stolas Botanicals is devoted to making vibrant and medicinally potent remedies that honor the principles of harmony, “As above, So Below” and ancient formulation.  Our medicines are grown on our land (Frux Farm) in Oregon, with organic practices and harvested with planetary influences,  using ritual intention and shamanistic practices to create energetically charged herbal medicine. Alenka, the founder of Stolas Botanicals is a clinical herbalist, medicine maker, alchemist, astrologer, and farmer who works with planetary energies on a daily basis infusing life with depth and meaning. You can follow Alenka’s work here:

Annasbreath is a watercolor artist with a focus on astrology, archetypes, and hermetic correspondances. Anna paints with the symbolic language of the collective unconscious, with an ultimate aim to bring this language forward into our homes and conscious experience. By building a direct relationship with the unconscious through these visual talismans, we find ourselves more open to life’s synchronicities, helping us to infuse profound meaning into our human experience